Talk to you

Written by: Mark Russell

Life goes by at the speed of sound,
My head’s in the clouds, my feet on the ground.
Sometimes I’m lost and don’t know what to do,
I find some comfort when I talk to you.

The past is close behind I need to escape.
With hope in my heart I can’t outrun fate.
Have I taken too long and is it too  late?
I think I must learn to wipe clean the slate.

Still life flies as I get left behind
I hold onto dreams inside of my mind.
I see where I’m going and what I’ve been through,
It all disappears when I talk to you.

The sun comes up and I can’t wait.
I feel like a fish that has taken the bait.
I struggle but it seems I’m stuck on the line,
Maybe it can change with a little more time.
I wonder if I really have things right,
Still I survive, escape from the night.
The future’s before me something’s in sight,
The light at the end of the tunnel seems so bright.

My mind seems to calm as I see what will be,
Perhaps I should pray so I take a knee.
I see what’s before but wonder what’s true,
 I think all I need is to just talk to you.