My Little Dragonfly

Written by: Dee Baxly

In mystery I wait, my heart beats, and sings,
I wonder in splendor where you are, in Heaven above;
Sugary sweet flying around on angel's wings,
I anxiously await you, my bundle of love.

Your toy box is already overflowing with little things,
I pray to the Lord you will be perfect my unblemished dove,
I cry out in joy, awaiting my first grandchild I sing,
You, my first of humble birth, my dream yet to be loved.

We will sail pirate ships, chasing dragonflies each spring,
Name the fishes in this placid lake we can see, my beloved;
It need not matter to me if you be queen or king,
I love you now, my very first grandchild, I am forever yours.

I dream of your beautiful eyes, cute, and coy,
God restores my heart in loving you with all joy you bring;
Antique dollies purchased, even a set of boxing gloves,
My first Grandchild yet not born,  I already love, my little dragonfly I adore,