Written by: Robert Walker

when im inspired  to write my poetry 
it's not always about  me
sometimes theyre the thing i dream
or the things i hear or see

every now and then ill write somthing about my life
and sometime i just write to give advice
i write about people i pass alone the way
 i write about things that happen way back in the day

i've written poems at times that left the needs for questions
some of my poems were written in hopes that you learn a lession
i've written some that were good and some that were'nt so great
i've written some you've loved and maybe some you've hated
and most of the time their just my thought that im writing down
and sometimes it's just the things i happen to be around
regaurdless i enjoy writing it takes me for a loop
  and now that i've found a place to post them (I MUST THANK YOU POETRYSOUP)