Last Love

Written by: Ronald Karzmarczyk

                                      My love has died, she is dead and gone.
                                      I thought that I would live my life alone;
                                      but then one day, you came along ,
                                      you filled my heart like a classical song;
                                      you gave each day a beautiful start,
                                      you put love in my soul and my lonely heart;
                                      you took the tears from my crying eyes,
                                      and showed me the stars in the night skies;
                                      you brought me a love that would last forever,
                                      made me feel good and more than just clever ;
                                      you gave me a heart, I will love each day,
                                      you gave me a wife I will always obey;
                                      take my heart accept it into your life,
                                      make it a part of each day " become my wife".