Written by: john freeman

 … Schizophrenia.. of Ego mania, wipe the slate
the human logic with no plate

its late, its late… the Master plan wipes the slate..
the logics of the human plates.

let us stash the cash of world concepts past…
pile it high in the streets.. currency of egos, many discreet..

for the human of Feud, of ego minds is void
Burn the stash of concepts past, shared of ego elites 
then study of  the void of Sigmund Feud,
ego mania is thus unemployed.

fly away, some glad day…
as thus we sing and thus we say, 
may as well be today..

or stay…… endure the fray,
as human logics pay…
there’s a promised day..
as we few opt the new way

they fray, little by little each day
as the kingdom comes, unobserved
just a little less ego every day
seems just a little sprout, of wings about
rids the gout of ego’s sprout…

logic of which is proven…
Faith the wreath, opts not the grief…
the Precept in life of truth is woven