Dreaming About You

Written by: Naomi Johnson

I am picturing us floating on a cloud
gazing into each other eyes.
Gently pulling you close to my heart
hoping we do not depart.
I wrap you in my arms imagining us taking 
a journey into time together breathing passionate 
words of love into your ears.
My fingers tips stroking throughout your hair 
with such divine affection and care. 
My body starts to create heat of passion building
 Feeling the smoothness of your skin-
my mind is fantasizing about our bodies interlocking 
as you softly say to me “come and be lost within me”.

Although my thoughts are just a hallucination
I believe one day we will have this romantic relation.
But the infatuation seems so true
I feel myself being a part of you.
It is you inside my mind
a fantasy with such a wonderful design.

(c) By Naomi Johnson