Written by: Naomi Johnson

My true love was with you 
except I did not allow my actions to see it through. 
I knew in my soul that we were meant to be
for our love for one another was our special destiny. 

Your affection for me were forever there when needed 
until you sense in your heart that I cheated. 
My heart was torn that I hurt you 
and my feelings became blue. 
I could not bear to hear the word Good-Bye 
because those seven letters made me want to cry. 

Each and every time I knew in my flesh our love
had deplete since my action for this relationship
was from deceit.
 I could not live with myself 
knowing that my mind was somewhere else.
I could not let this disloyal action continue anymore.
Knowing you will get hurt if I prolong the secret 
I wait some more. 

This course of action I no longer want to explore. 
 I took for grant what I had as my unfaithful ways 
blocked my sense of judgment and kept me sad. 

I did not really want to emotionally hurt you 
I elected to leave and so you could start over new.