Waiting Patiently

Written by: Naomi Johnson

When I look at you my mind runs 
uncontrollably with the thoughts of my lips 
gravitating towards yours.
My heart races with pulsing frantic 
romantic feelings just   waiting to embrace 
you with repetitious love.
While my passion burns inside so wildly 
knowing that the moment is growing 
near for me to hold you in my arms and 
gaze into the depth of the window to 
your soul. 
Waiting patiently for 
 you to let go your 
 emotional desires.

 The anticipation of 
 being with you sends goose bumps of 
bliss and joy.

Because our love for one                                                            
another is and will always  
 be unconditional.

Until then my love, may our love be 
captured as a motion picture with    
beautiful heavenly music singing the 
tune of our inspirational feeling.  

(c) By Naomi Johnson