Starry Night

Written by: Ashley Ho

The caliginous sky embraced the night,
its mix of black and blue.
Oh what a beautiful sight,
To see the stars twinkling above right on cue.

Tranquility I admired as I sat, eyes drenched,
allowing the ataraxis to seep through my mind.
Oh, solitary on a frore, hard bench,
Yet here I am, savouring the scenic find. 

With only the wind in my ears,
making the “whoosh whoosh” sound,
blowing away the tears,
I finally calmed down. 

Even the darkness felt at rest,
and smelled, oh, so comforting---
Like nature at its best,
making my heart go a-humming.

And with that, I forgot about
everything, my problems, and the roughshod world.
There was no doubt,
that I was preoccupied, just me, and my own little world.