Written by: Mia K

When the world stops
and the tears drop
and my heart beats
for every word it used to hear..

When the sky rains
and the stars fade
Awakening every soul pain
that came my way, taking me away
eversince that day
when you and I turned our faces..

When th waves crash
on the Golden Sand
hitting our feet, where we used to stand
on our so called "Love Land"..

When the flowers grow 
between me and You
it was so true
that our love is pure..
It grew up, starting with a bud
and it showed up,
growing till forever
till it stopped..

At then I knew, we've came through
what we could and no longer would..

Love has gone to the world of none..
and it's all about MEMORIES..
Of starting blocks
that we put on top
building our home
with such unforgettable events..

At the moment the wave
hit the sand, crashing our home land
It was you & me
with our forgotten love words,
having our endless fights
Just life our crashed life..

NOw waving Goodbye
with no further try..
I had enough, and I guess you know why!!
now it will be on the Shelf 
and that is when 
they call it..

The END..
But there is no.. Happily Ever After..