Thank you lord

Written by: odeline chigwedere

< b /b>Faithful is your name oh lord
            greater is your love 
            nothing compares to your greatness
            you are the lord of lords, you are the king of kings
            Jehovah is your name and i give all the glory  unto you
            the lord my creator 
            you who made heaven and earth 
            and everything that is in them 
            you have a name above all names
            your name heals the sick
            your name raises the dead
            your name enriches the poor
            your name empowers the weak
            i bow before you oh lord
            i surrender to you oh great lord
            you forgive my iniquities, you redeem my soul
            you anoint my head with oil
            i thank you lord
            you provide for every nee
            you meet with every desires of my heart
            you created me with your own image
            and favored me among all creations
            thank you for the gift of life,thank you for the gift of health
            thank you for my children
            thank you for my job
            thank you for my family and friends
            greater is you that is in me than he that is in the world