An invisible woman

Written by: odeline chigwedere

  i have accepted my fate
            to this idea of slavery i have given in
            my very existence is imaginary to many
            to a few i am just a product
            bought to be used and reused
            my life depends on them
            them,my lords my owners
            i have mother,i have no father 
            i have no family
            i am an invisible woman

            some call it human traffic some call it modern slavery
            i call it nothing,i have stopped thinking about it 
            i have been striped off my morals 
            drugs are my life,strangers are my family
            who will fight for my rights
            when lunatics are controlling the world
            these are monsters who see a dollar sign on woman's heads
            the world watches my suffering 
            and still pretend like nothing is happening
            i am an invisible woman
            i am not a sex addict neither am i a lover of man
            i have been whipped,i have been kicked,i have been punched 
            i have seen my fellow products die
            i do it for my life or i will be killed 
            people who are meant to protect us are the so called client
            they pay good money for my misery 
            they find pleasure in my pain
            i am an invisible woman

            my heart bleeds with pain
            i have no future,i have no hope
            i am invisible