Self esteem

Written by: Christy Love

My friend said somthing to me.
I agree. Its true.
You need to have confidence in your self 
And every thing you do.
If your self esteem is low,
people will run all over you
I know this from experience
I know this for a fact
You have people that would smile sittin next to you
useing you low self esteem agianst you for thier own benifits.
This is really sad. What a selfish world!
Full of hypicrits!

You need to have confidence in your self.
Self esteem high!
One of the most important things to have in life
Never be a quitter.
Always try!
God first before anything else
Pray every morning and night
Put God first, family then self
And everything will be alright
Think about what I said.
I love you. Goodnight.