Written by: Judy Radach

I've been redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb,
    Totally saved and victorious I stand.
He paid my debt on Calvary's tree
    and extended His hand filled God's love to me.
Now because of that Grace which is given so free,
    I'm well equipped for eternity.
All things are mine through the power of the Son,
    And God's word says the battle has been won.
The debt was paid the day that He died,
    and the battle was won whe He came back to life.
No man took the life of the Lord Jesus Christ.
    He offered it up as a pure sacrifice.
That was God's plan before earths foundation,
    that  He should be slain the redeem all the nations.
And buy back He did, through His Blood that was shed,
    to provide a pure Church for God's Lamb to wed.                                                        We are the bride and Christ is the groom.
    And we'll soon meet with Him in the upper room.