The Love of Jesus

Written by: Stephan McBride

Nothing can compare 
to the Love of Jesus
His love is not of this world
but is the pathway to life
and what is to come
to be able to rest eternal
The Love of Jesus snatched me from death
and filled my soul 
with His everlasting breath
His love opened my eyes to see
and released me to be set free
soaring as an eagle with wings spread out
gliding with the wind 
flying above my sinful nature
with a different view of my surroundings
The love of Jesus
has shown me a way to escape
the things which lurk in the dark
crucifying the old self or firstborn
protecting the door with His blood
His love opened my ears to hear
The sound of His voice guiding
taking away worries and fear
for I am no longer lost in a ditch
there is a hand that pulled me out
His love will teach one to Love
The Love of Jesus 
has taught me to look beyond 
just what I can see
but to look ahead of seeing Him smile
with His arms stretched out 
For His love shall lead you home