Last Tear

Written by: Patrick Cornwall

Walking down Lehigh Ave in North Philadelphia where I used to play

Now I see teenagers playing with dirty syringes and caps of rock

Women strutting and screaming, "Hey," to the car slowing down to peak

Gotta get one more

And the mother cries as the police drag her son away

Cars with flats and smashed windshields litter the streets and gangsters

Old men walk fast and the litter races to keep up

Glass crunches underfoot as the junkie holds up his hand with two fingers

"Whatchou want old man?"

And the newspaper flies past swirling and the old man thinks it's the end

Police roll past and the thugmen walk casually in all directions

"Da Bien,"thugish screams and the dealers return

As she sticks the needle in her arm and pulls the blood through

She goes into a nod and her eyelids droop but  a tear rolls on her freckled cheek

Its the tear that has power as her breath becomes close

She takes one last lungful and the tear rolls slow as the heroin takes her life