Catwalk chaos

Written by: Amanda Sullivan

Sat in the make-up chair,
a stones throw away from all the glares,
for goodness sake stop the stares,
got to get me bigger hair.

My hair's receding,
so to fulfill this tremendous evening,
I need to be in keeping,
with the theme of the evening.

The massive 70's affro hair,
the flower power gown,
we're really going to town,
going to mow this show down.

Make-up and hair down,
here we are,
ready to stun,
that man in the audience with several ton (money).

Catwalk lights on,
like a runway in the gleaming sun,
ready to turn my audience on,
here we go.

Lights, camera, action,
wasn't expecting tonight's reaction,
applause from far and wide,
for the auntie with a humongous wig and huge eyes.