Sweet, Sweet Desolation

Written by: Amy Green

Ahh despair-
sweet, sweet, sweet desolation.
As the crow flies- enter onto me

Salvation from freedom;
on his wings- incarceration.

Nuveau of Elvis rhyme
Faith acquired through distress
Velveteen fraud
particle blues- such sad
and sorrowful hues.

Putrid breath come from the windy west

Endymion forsaken for his
ethereal beauty; In hidden chains
he sleeps eternally

Athena stares and weeps,
“Great Zeus, to keep him, to love him
eternal I beg of thee!”

The night unwilling to 
to speak, to please  to keep safe
from all darkness creep.

Give him to me- Eternal Keep!”

“Despair he shall never know
in his untainted sleep”

In this shadow is mine own despair
Sorrow of one I can never touch
Skin, lips, muscles, buttocks, hair
Daily I consume a pill, maybe two
As a crutch for his eternally unreachable