A Winter Night

Written by: Aditya Mathur

It was a winter's night and the moon wasn't too bright,
i kept walking with my coat held tight.
I kept my pace as life is a race.

Pacing through the cold breeze, i realized that life isn't easy,
i still kept my pace even when i was dizzy.
i came across a lot of obstacles and even stumbled,
but i stood on my feet as i remembered.
that night whenever i was in fear; 
i thought it's phase it'll pass with a tear

I wanted to make a mark and clear away this dark
so i still kept my pace as life is a race

my feet were freezed perhaps due to the cold breeze
i kept my pace till i make eveyone believe

I longed and yearned for the warmth of embrace but
Alas! i had to run cuz life's like is a race
and i had to make haste as i might loose this race

I'd love to be and longed for a place
where the world is a better and place not merely a race.