When Jesus Stepped In

Written by: Judy Radach

For many Years I fought a battle.
   A battle I just could not win.
Whe it seemed all was lost
   and I must pay the cost
      that was when Jesus stepped in.

Jesus stepped in and He touched me.
   His touch was a calm healing balm.
No longer did I walk 
   the pathway of shame.
      Christ was my strength and my song.

I lived my life doing my will
   God's will was far from my mind.
I was so lost
   but Christ paid the cost
      He came to seek and to find.

Jesus stepped in and He saved me
   from a life filled with shame and disgrace.
Now the old man is gone
   and the new man moves on
      since Jesus stepped into this place.

He knows my thoughts 'ere I think them.
   My faults i'm not able to hide.
But Chriet set me free
   now I plainly see
      His Spirit is ever my guide.

Yes Jesus stepped in,paid for all of my sin.
    'Twas a debt that He did not owe.
He took my place
   On the Cross in disgrace
      Salvation is mine now I know.