between the bells

Written by: maxwell collier

I've always been living, between the bells, i have to ignore, the stuff he tells, what people don't know is, there's two types of hells. i go to the store, and see what he sells, i get out my money, and buy some ll's, i walk out the door, and find some wells, i always trip, and remember my fells. one bell is good, one bell is bad, one makes me think of the stuff i did, one makes me think of the stuff i had. one makes me sad and mad, the other one keeps me from being bad. one makes me wish, i could be a dad, while the other one makes me wish i had one, to call me a lad. I'm almost there, i have to choose, either way, i always lose. i pick my side, walk under the bell, close my eyes, and am sent straight to hell.