His Lips Are On The Trumpet

Written by: Judy Radach

The Lord has said here'll come a time
    of tribulation great.
When terror comes upon the earth
    disaster plagues and quakes.
Murder,rape and robberies,
    persecution of God's saints.
Abortion, euthanasia,
    deception,greed and hate.

Soon we'll hear the trumpet blow,
    the time is drawing nigh.
Jesus Christ shall come with clouds 
    and split the eastern sky..
He'll gather all believers
    to Him and take them home,
To be with Him forevermore
   around God's glorious thone.

There'll be a time in the lives of men
    when God will intervene.
He'll send HIs wrath on a sinful world
    to make the nations clean.
When that takes place, in His mercy and grace
    He'll rescue the faithful and true.
He'll send His Son with the sound of  atrump
    to gather me and you.

God has said some will not die,
    some shall be gathered up
Along with those that died in Christ
    He'll raise up from the dust.
Yes, Christ will come with Angels
    we will hear a glorious shout
Then we'll hear the trunmpet sound
    And God's saints are taken out.

His lips are on the trumpet now.
    The time is drawing nigh
Whe Christ our Lord will come with clouds
    and split yon Eastern sky.
He'll gather all believers
    and take them to His home
To be with Him forevermore
    around God's glorious throne.