School Dayz

Written by: juanita smalls

I open up my window
To feel the cool morning breeze
The screen gently pats my nose
Gray skies are all I see.
Then little spurts of rain
Begin to dance upon my face
Through the screen they come
As silence holds this place.
The ground darkens in an instant
With millions and millions of drops
Of rain that have come to quench
The earth until it's time to stop.
Soon the sky becomes a brighter gray
The rain begins to taper off
Parking lot lights remain lit
As early drivers pull off.
It's just after 7:30 am
Voices begin to fill the air
Echoes of laughter bounce off the walls
I gaze in wonder and stare.
Vibrant and full of energy
Children come to run and play
Chasing each other, dropping book bags
Ready to start another day.
Busses arrive with engines roaring
Their lights flashing bright red
The children soon gather together
Boarding the bus with kissed heads.
Precious are the lives of children
Their cares and worries few
Bringing joy and happiness
Every day to people like me and you.