Written by: Samia Ali Arroyo

Staring at the envelope, my eyes in disbelief.
The agency was known for causing fear and painful grief.
The words upon the notice were shouting out my name.
I still remember how I felt the day the letter came.

The beads of sweat rolled down my neck, my heart began to race.
Afraid to move a muscle, the blood had left my face.
Apparently, the IRS had found some type of error.
The news had brought me to a place of unrelenting terror.

It must be for an audit, they’d go back seven years.
I felt so faint for this was one of my most dreaded fears.
Although I had been careful every time I filed returns.
Checking all my figures, including all I earned.

Perhaps I added something wrong or made a big mistake.
They never would believe me, my head began to ache.
I held my breath and opened up the letter with great care.
I knew I was in trouble, I didn’t have a prayer.

I read the first few lines and then I fell onto my bed.
I thought I must be in a dream, imagined in my head.
They said they owed me money for an error they had made.
And they were very sorry that the payment was delayed.