Wine Sick Blues

Written by: Vince Suzadail Jr.

I got the wine sick blues and i paid my dues
Been wining and whining but not doing no shining
I got the wine sick blues 
There ain't no easy way out of this moral drought
So my drunken pen flows as the lower she goes
Send me a letter when this damn world gets better
Don't like the news , put some miles on my shoes
Can't blame the man, if you jumped in the pan
I got the wine sick blues
The easy part's over, there's no bed of clover
Can't make the turn, if you spent what you earn
Days running wild like a forgotten child
Descending so fast, don't believe I can last
my poor butt is dragging and my mind keeps on lagging
Got nowhere to go, it's a rough row to hoe
Ray sings born to lose, but what do I use
Shed this old feeling, while the brain keeps on reeling
I got the wine sick blues.
For goodness sake, when do I wake
If I'm only dreaming, why am I screaming
Can't seem to pass through the broken glass
No wonder we cry while the prophets get high
Every now and then from my drunken pen
Comes a call to our youth to seek the truth
But my heart is sunk, maybe it's not so drunk
But still need the booze to light the fuse
I got the wine sick blues.

For Elliott Bowe's The Drunken Pen blog