Written by: Robert Ball

Read a story the other day about one out of five children in the U.S. go hungry.
Amazing to me because no child should go to bed with stomachs grumbly.
This country gives a lot to other countries in foreign aid.
Why don’t we curb that? Feed our own children so they never go hungry and afraid.

Millions are spent every year on foreign food to hungry nations.
Commendable yet our children go without they have no rations.
The Lord loves His children in any country and He’s looking.
Our nation has been blessed yet our elderly and young are really being shaken.

Leaders the elected officials offer nothing new they are corrupted.
Special interest groups lining their own pockets and are distrustful.
Look at their track record; look at what they pass for laws.
Funding other countries ignoring our children it really sticks in my craw.

We have a supposed Godly nation we supposedly in God we trust.
Yet our officials have scandals galore have greedy plans that strictly are a bust.
Children, the nation’s future are left hungry and we cut programs for education.
What’s the real price? Wars, killings, go on children going hungry that’s what’s upon our own nation.

Of course morally our nation neglecting our Father is bringing us down a deadly path.
All we will do is anger the Father again and we have to be ready to face His wrath.
Jesus told His disciples to allow children to come to Him.
Are we so stupid that we ignore this? We are not looking to Him for guidance; soon He will arrive and take His children to the Kingdom.

Vote my brethren it’s your right ask God what to do and ask God what is right.
Pick wisely allow God to guide you in your choice, look to His guiding light.
The old guard replacing the new faces of the republicans is younger and has the same agenda as their peers before; those policies are still the same.
Policy for the rich always have been there agenda they are still playing with children’s lives they are still playing their corrupted game.