An Expectation

Written by: Robert Ball

Children, innocents a true blessing to the family
When born after labor Dad’s pacing a new life of beauty.
Whether a daughter or son healthy is the key’
Knowing the baby instinctively is connected to mom really pretty.

Not all can have children some just don’t have the vital parts blood must match.
If you have negative blood and your partner has positive then baby doesn’t catch.
However there is a way, that way is called adoption.
They are still needed babies who need a home they are also innocent and adopting one of them is a celebration.

Our Lord the only true God who made “us” in His image has a loving way about children.
Possibly after adoption you have a blessed child the key to God’s coming Kingdom.
Read your Bible “only babes enter the Kingdom.”
When blessed having an adopted child we will cherish them; it’s all of God’s doing the power of the Holy Spirit a God given wisdom.