Written by: Robert Ball

Amazing that the world has forgotten 65 years ago.
When a body of thugs led by Adolf Hitler came to power you know.
Winston Churchill warned the allies what was about to happen.
No one heard his words fell on deaf ears this wasn't happenstance.

In our world currently we have been warned of the end of the age.
Jesus Christ foretold 2,000 years ago prove all things and read the Holy Bible then turn the page.
Now we have a deadlier threat though warned we fail to listen. Why?
Again history repeats itself we again fail to adhere and we ignore a great lie.

Iran wants nuclear power saying to up-grade their way of life.
North Korea wants nuclear power also they say it's their right.
Well we have spineless afraid elected officials like our forefathers before Hitler.
One voice shouted from England he was ignored and the world was left suffering and bitter.

Our Father, sees all, knows all, unless we turn to God for guidance.
We will face a greater evil, a greater danger, a greater devastation.
It's all in our Holy Bible the rise of the beast of the south.
Professing Christians should see in Revelations what's about to happen, an open our mouths.

A genocide of mass proportions is about to plague man.
Read your Bible, you'll see and understand.
The evil axis will arise, bringing destruction and grimness, the Bible states this clearly.
For the sake of the elect few, the small flock, Jesus our Savior will return to stop man’s insanity.