Natures Fury

Written by: Ronald Karzmarczyk

                                           The butterfly floats, from flower to flower,
                                           he doesn't care what is the hour;
                                           the raindrops fall  in a cooling gentle shower,
                                           as beneath the  leaves the butterfly will cower;
                                           the thunder will roar with a deafening power,
                                           as the honey bees return to their hive tower;
                                           the lightening will flash in a blinding light, 
                                           for a moment or two you will lose your sight;
                                           your legs will sprint for your home in fright,
                                           getting struck in you stride you just might;
                                           hail stones strike you on the left and right,
                                           as you head for home in your flight;
                                           as you get home the sky turns black,
                                           can't stop the tornado,  can't turn back;
                                           it tears into your home and destroys the shack,
                                           tomorrow they'll put you in a body sack.