tainted mind

Written by: mandy klein

Inside my tainted
Stained sins of unforgiven acts
Lay heavily upon my guilt and regret
Which will never be washed clean
Even with all the appologies
My past mistakes can't be redeimed
Corruptive notions have destryoed my innocence

Unexplainable attempts to try
Completely understanding really nothing important
No rights or wrongs can seperate these
Such an overwhelming decustion
Has plagued me with impure impulses
Which should be gone for good
To define repentence is to announce my cure

Complicate my emmotions
Until i've numbed all my feelings
Unrealistic fantasies'
Give me a soul where there isn't one
So unfinished pain stiring wildly
Unmanagable so you struggled to deal
Devoured by confusing thoughts
Of what you should of senced

Untouchable answers i don't get
It has become a serious problem
Which won't allow mw to focus
To burry my damage deeply
Away from my recollections of yesterday
In order to repair this mess
Inside my head that trobs
From an aching confindment

Release my haunting visions
And reacurring images of agony
Say goodbye to misery
The only company that will have me
It's time to accept how sorry i am
And know i can never be free
Of my evil ways
That have turned my heavenly dreams astray