Reflection's Changed A Bit

Written by: Deborah Burch

           "Reflection's Changed A Bit"

No racked babe, but I've had no cut and paste!
     Like young casabas up front and still 'kewl'!
          F i n e 'Brick House' (...'more than a mouthful's a waste')!
               Arse compared to a 'forty-dollar mule'
                    With a swing exemplifying my rule!
                         Each lavender curve, smooth as South Sea Pearls
                              Enveloped by trellising golden curls.
                                   Body and English, my lingoes in Lit.
                                         And tough guys still stammer, week-kneed with whirls.
                                              Mirror's the same... 
                                                                           reflection's changed a bit.*

~by deborah burch©