Written by: Nancy Jones

Some people can draw
Some people can write
Some people like dogs, others like cats
Others like both or neither.
Some people like to sit out in the sun and chat
Some people like to sleep in and make music after dark
Some people can't tolerate smoke
Some people can't tolerate noise
Some people can't tolerate sarcasm and some
can't tolerate intolerance.
That's like what 5% of 99% looks like
and if I can't post this here,
then where can I?

Bounteous blessings on the tent watchers
the strategists
the dancers
the photographers
the voters
the meat eaters
the ones who eschew meat
the ones who really don't care either way

Bounteous blessings on the people who speak
with their own voices
in the moment
and have the grace
to allow others to do so

Bounteous blessings on the people who after they've spoken
reflect on the moment
and reconsider.


Occupy everywhere