Not Enough

Written by: Constance Gilmore

Why isn't my best good enough for you?
Why is my love just too much for you?
I keep fighting, attempting to make us work
Because I sincerely believe that our love owns worth.
I see myself with no one but you.
Everyday with you always seems so new
But I feel like I'm alone in this fight,
Fighting with all I have, with all my might.
I have no idea where we went wrong;
I feel that with you is where my heart belongs.
I want you to want me the way I do you,
To reciprocate my love, so pure, so true.
For whatever reason, you just don't want me
When you talk about leaving, it makes my heart bleed.
Please love me; I beg you to not let me go
You walking out on me would be a terrible blow.
I cannot accept your need to leave me
I love you so much, please believe me.
Uncontrolled tears because my heart has been broken
Like I'm just a game and you ran out of tokens.
The hurt in my chest is painfully overwhelming
Despair and hopelessness have found a new dwelling.
It hurts to see you just stroll out of my life.
It cuts through me mercilessly like a serrated knife.
I have no more fight inside of my spirit
No matter how I pleaded, you wasn't trying to hear it.
I guess I'll love once more, but I'm not sure where to begin
And I am uncertain if I have enough left to love again.