My Better Half

Written by: Constance Gilmore

I have been hurt, but you have eased my pain.
I have been burned, but you have soothed my anger.
You have given me hope when I've been scared.
You have made me feel safe when I have felt danger.
Where I tend to lack, you pick up the slack.
Where I come up short, you help to compensate.
You have softened my heart of stone and now,
Love resides where there once was hate.
My bitter has become sweetened
And my resentment has become affection.
When I felt the need to be perfect,
You came and loved each imperfection.
Clouds continuously darkened my days
But the sun in you broke through with rays
Of patience, kindness, and selfless ways
So now, the sky is clear, no more grays.
I smile more frequently because I'm so happy.
You have renewed my belief in love.
Thank you for being my better half
And being the man I've always dreamt of.