A World Away

Written by: Carolyn Devonshire

UNSUPPORTED CODE resting on the beach of a planet without wars I gaze at the night sky, twinkling with many bright stars but there on the edge of the horizon I spot the Earth I left – apocalypse had begun the poles had shifted; civilizations doomed I didn’t expect this; many cultures once bloomed the prophecies had foretold disaster so we raced against time to leave Earth faster no sooner had our spaceship taken off then Earth sputtered and spewed a lava-filled cough tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes we stared in horror at a planet with the shakes only a few of us were able to make it out alive countless millions of their futures were deprived but as we turned to see where the path before us roamed we found a parade of angels leading us to this new home where there is sea, there is life, and dawn will soon come if there are creatures here, we’ll make them our chums for we have finally learned from Earth’s demise and though the life forms here may give us a surprise we’ll protect the environment, treat all animals with care when a species becomes endangered, we’ll turn to prayer this wondrous new planet has given us a fresh start and the seniors among us have wisdom to impart our resources will be shared, but protected as well God’s angels have kissed the ground on which we fell memories come rushing as I stare at Earth grateful for a chance to begin a rebirth
UNSUPPORTED CODE *Entry for Tracie’s “A New World” contest