Written by: Wolf Lief

my friends, I feel your presence but I cannot see you where are you? my friends your songs soothe my wounds, Wounds that scar my body, your fire my mind your hungers that feed upon my burdened heart your magics of earth and Fae my soul I can almost feel thy furry bodies surrounding me, thy warm fire in your belly and hard scales upon which I lay my head, the soft earth colored skin of your arms around me holding me The powers of winter and summer inside me, Power that comes from The Fae beside me spread Salve on my wounded soul, as incubus and succubus feed ever so gently happily eating the pains, the woes, and sorrows that lie etched deep into my heart Taking its burden for their sustenance as you all surround me Comforting me, telling me that I am not lost in the darkness that you will guide me, teach me it gives me a measure of comfort thatI have companions that I am not alone