is life just a struggle

Written by: Robert Walker

where is there hope when our 
 economy is declining so fast
we get 7.50 an hour 
and 4 of that is for a gallon of gas
but we have to get to work so we must have it
and lord forbid if you have a bad habit
we spend 8 hours a day 
working for minimal wage
and after taxes  we tally our pay
about 54 dollars is all we made
and after a week's work you haven't made a cent
trying to put away a little something for light water and rent
putting in overtime  hoping some bills to meet 
not thinking of the fact that you have to eat
oh yea' the kids and spouse 
and the few little things you must get for the house
you find for some reason things are just too hard
and you find yourself taking on a second job
now that's 8 hours a day working for dimes
another 4 hours working part time
12 hours of your life spent in torment
and before you can get paid most of it's spent
everyone in the house works kids and wife 
 yet it's still hard to live a decent life
now i ask is it just me who 's questioning why 
there are people out there so well off and im struggling just to get by