Whispers of Child

Written by: Lydia Gachuhi

On this cloudy night, my heart tightens with fright Tensions are high, and I don’t even know why Words are spoken, of promises broken Tears fill their eyes, followed by heart-wrenching cries They are always so complicated, and that is why I am thinking of getting emancipated For their pain is my pain, but now it’s driving me insane Managing their frustration and depression, has become my sole occupation To me they are so dear, and hence ten times the fear For them I’d give my life, sacrifice anything to take away their stress and strife But I know that if tried to offer my assistance, it would be met with a lot of resistance Alas, on this cloudy night, I crawl into a corner and sit tight, As I know this is not my fight All I can do is pray, for a better day