Written by: Aditya Mathur

Sometimes when you are down and defeated,
you wish to change things and never repeat it.
It feels sad when hardwork does'nt  pay
your respect and self-esteem is in a disarray

How does it feels failing not once but twice
stumbling on stones and back on feet is life
Life is a series of tests all you have to do is strive,
does'nt matter if u fail there's always a way to prove yourself right

Hardwork is key to sucess, i did the same
unfortunately i failed, who else to blame.
u can desire but is'nt easy to get the fame
u hav to walk through flame, believe me its not a game.

Lady luck never shined and was never bright
All the blessings i had now seems futile
I tried to pursue a dream which was'nt really mine
I feel like i'm leading a different person's life.

I want to hang these boots admist of all this pressure
And discover my ownself and do things that gives me pleasure