Written by: Constance Gilmore

Always beautiful, certainly Donna,
She has been through hell and back.
Always the fighter, never giving up,
Prepared for any kind of attack.
She’s sensitive, kind-hearted, and very loving,
But don’t find yourself making the mistake
Of taking her kindness for a weakness.
She has the venom of a rattlesnake.
She’s made some bad decisions in her past…
Hey, haven’t we all done the same?
I have forgiven her for everything
And her character I will not defame.
She was hard on me growing up;
She was the strictest mama on the block.
But she instilled morals and values within me
And from her, I did learn a lot.
Discipline was her forte; oh she was mean.
Man, how I hated it back in the day!
As an adult, I understand its importance,
So I teach my daughter a similar way.
She has always been there despite it all.
She’s been there every time I needed.
She always gives advice, wanted or not
And continues even when it isn’t heeded.
She’s dark and lovely with brown eyes
And she possesses an hourglass shape.
Her beauty is rare and can’t be compared;
I can see how some women can hate.
I appreciate my mother and hope she lives forever.
She has blossomed into an awesome woman.
This poem is dedicated to a fabulous lady,
My pretty mother named Donna Grogan.