Written by: Constance Gilmore

Lavish your love on me, don't be lazy
Liberate your mind and release the libido
Lose yourself in me; feel the lust in your loins
Love with no limits; learn to let go.

Open your heart; my love is oceanic
Ordinary is offensive; our love is original
Our bond can't be obliterated by the overtly jealous
Others may hate but obviously, it's inevitable.

Valued you are to me; vulnerable I am to you
Venus is vexed by the vitality of our passion
Visionaries can plainly see the visibility of our love
Versatility is a veritable trait of our affection.

Ecstasy emits from the epicenter of my being
Embrace my earnest emotions and love for you
Erotic eruptions epitomize our desire for each other
Everlasting elation embodies the essence of us two.