Poem for you

Written by: ismeta -Ivy vresk

      Poem for you.........

Stop, don't come closer,
not yet.
let me dream about you,
some more
Stop,don't reveal yourself to me,
not now
let me imagine
your smile,
Stop, please
let butterfly's paint us
being together for very fist time.
Please darling,
let me wait,
don't call me yet,
don't crash my dreams,
let them fly
let them free,
Please darling,
I am not ready
not yet,
So just Stop,
and let me wait,
and wait some more,
even though your tired of waiting
and you would rather hear me talk,
or just take a walk,
pleas wait, and
wait some more,
and let them quit,
let them talk about how tired they become waiting ,
let them drink wine in the memory of me,
but you,
please don't join with them,
and don't drink at that occasion,
wait for me, and I will come
then you will see me,
and I will see you for very first time.
Please darling,
only we will know,
how hard  was it,
to wait, we
will appreciate,
and care deeply for love
just because you let me wait,
as you wait for me that long.