A Writing, a Spouses Tale

Written by: Karen van Wyk

I called to the four winds in my desperate hours. 
Her songs came to me through the evening breeze,  
it was songs sweet and hopeful. 
I knew in the depths of my soul, love... 
would climb the mountains standing afore us. 
For we, humans, know the bitter taste of pain 
and the sweet drink of hope. 
We are... of the flesh and the spirit. 
It is within us to soar with eagles,
and run among the creatures of the forest. 
We are free, we are love, we are one. 
We are the flowing river that quinces thirst. 
Now, in even the coldest of nights, 
a soft warmth blankets our hearts. 
For it is with our very hearts that this world turns, 
and the sun shines, and the moon glows. 
It is our tale of a life lived well and complete. 
For it is a tale of we.