FIRE -The Red Hot Flame

Written by: Raymond Emeka-Mbah

Fire, the multifaceted substance being 
You are Ugly, Bad, Beautiful and Good 
In your Ugliness there is still beauty 
In your beauty there is also ugliness 
You bring out bad from your Goodness 
You also bring good from bad nature. 

When you are good you are on fire 
When you love your heart is fired-up 
When you hurt your heart is burning 
When you are beautiful you are hot 
Some Ugly girls spark the fire of love 
Some beautiful girls can't kindle the fire. 

With fire a beautiful edifice is made Ugly 
With fire the Ugly ashes spring fort beauty 
With fire an Ugly nugget becomes beautiful gem 
With fire a Chef turns out wonderful gourmet 
With fire darkness is given light and vision 
With fire the dead of night is brought to life.