My Lord, when you sit on my throne

Written by: Ravi Sathasivam

My Lord, when you sit on my throne....

When I was sitting on my own throne
I felt that I was a worthy and proud man
I did not realize the power of God and I did many sins
Even, I did not invite my Lord in to my heart
Neither visited churches nor listened to HIS percepts 
Cause, the Satan was ruling in my heart
I was amazed with material world other than spiritual world
My life was struggling with pain and endless worries
Now I realized the value of God and HIS love
Since I offered Lord my throne, I became free from all the evils
from pain, worries, lust, greed, anger, egoism etc.
HIS shelter gave me heaven and HIS percepts purified my heart
When I raise my head and stretch both my arms to the sky
and being to pray my Lord, my tears begin to fill my eyes
because I heard my Lord say, "your sins are forgiven and 
I remember no more but I still love you as a man as you are"
God is great and HE is there to wipe out sins and to give
us wonderful life in this world. Have a faith in HIM and earn 
HIS blessings to live a peaceful life in this world.

Ravi Sathasivam / Sri Lanka

Copyright ©2004 Ravi Sathasivam