The Angels WereSinging

Written by: Judy Radach

Born in a stable, a King though He be,
   He was laid in a manger this wee royalty.
While the angels were singing, rejoicing on high,
   our God came to earth to suffer and die.

His lot as a child, a carpenters lair
   no wealth did they have, but love lingered there.
And the angels were singing,rejoicing on high,
   as they watched the child grow,His time drawing nigh.

He walked to Golgatha, ,a cross waiting there.
   He paid our sin debt, our Savior so fair.
As the world turned dark, God turned His head,
   not to watch His Dear Son as He suffered and bled.

They laid Him to rest in a tomb not His own,
   and even in life He knew not a home.
But the angels were singing, rejoicing on high
   as the stone rolled away , Christ came out alive,

The sin of the world was laid on Him that day,
   and His Blood washed the stain of that sin all away.                                                       Now we sing and rejoice with the angels on high
   Jesus Christ is not dead, God is alive!