Written by: Martina Adovica

Shredded rays of honey light, Chirping melody of petite creatures, The ambiance filled with rosy cherries, The day aglow with pleasant memories. Each year it races in my heart, Amongst the notions of the past and future soon to come. I read the scented ancient books and speak the words of wisdom, And yet the years pass slowly by gifting wisdom stingily. A swirl of champagne bubbles and melting chocolate cake, The icing grows thicker with each coming year. I hear the smile, I see the laughter, A day for exultation and selflessness, My hearts strings thrill with promising escapades. Night approaches, the sun stirs aflame, I sit in the cornflower blue chair and gather what I have left. Memories drift and stir, A charming day and a sense of another year conquered. By Martina Adovica.