When Kids Go Wrong

Written by: Lucilla Carrillo

What are we suppose to do, when our kids that we love - turn out wrong? We gave them birth, we gave them love, but somewhere along the line - that was not enough. When the kids are little they step on our toes, but when they grow up - they step on our hearts. What are we suppose to do? As parents; we want the best for them. We want to give them what we didn't have and what we can. We keep them close to us, but they grow up and think that they are their own boss. Not all the kids turn out bad. Some of them give their parents great content and make their parents proud of them. The ones that don't - who do we blame? When they go wrong and we know that we have tought them right, what can we do? Should we just grin and bare it, or just pray for them? They are our kids. We can't just abandon them...
Copyright 2006, by Lucilla M. Carrillo