So It Shall Be

Written by: Caribbean SeaWolf

“ So It Shall Be ” Aye... then so it shall be... as faire lass doth so request now o'me. A'holler so 'twas that o'which she'd asked... In a where and a how thus thrice deftly masked. 'Tis no need ye'd wont worry... if'n or not I'd been a bit poorly... Fer time a'me ownsake moves with a'pace... only in wait... another well drawn ace. 'Tis this if naught other, that which has been found... as time for us all doth spin 'round. A'back to there from whence it began... 'tis all can we encompass in one o'life's span. Once a'stroll back through time's encapsulated stills... test, trial or mayhap notion o'will... as if watched from a'far mine own time's skill. As oft as not... yet surely at best... 'tis all but to do a'such fondness in jest. 'Twas life that go-round oh so thought merry... 'twas we were those guided by myth sung her fairy. Yet so 'tis then true as last o'words do be spoken... 'twas all but naught other than token. For must well be he paid that oarsman o'dread... When 'tis time for me dreams to be gone o'me head. SeaWolf ©