steps for wishing

Written by: aya darwish

never let your imagination fade you              if only once you wished for something it could be true.  think about the think you do           don't you actually think they will be done
sometimes you have to say                      that your dreams are to obey
you will have 3 wishes                      one will include dreams, and the other will include life
we will wonder the third                          but it is what you like to wish for, maybe a bird
or anything like freedom                        they will come true with one condition
you have to stick to it to find what it is         and maybe it will be in a chest 
which has three names                                 one of them will be yours
for a reason of your dreams                        but it actually seems 
that ones you hate                                      will actually be your mate
you will see a star that shines at night          which is full of light
if you want you could redo the wish and keep it for yourself         if time for you had begun, the wish you wished for has been done                         but as long as you say it at night
there will be no sight of it                                you will be feeling it on your own
that the sound of rejection has given you respond               neither it was bad it couldn't be done                        although if it was right, you will find yourself flying a kite
that kite will include the self district of you        that you have to use
when you use it                                the steps will be done
and wishes come true                       also it will be kept to redo